Generated SOL Narwhals. The first narwhals to hit Solana chain. A narly bunch with some rare 1:1's and a unique burn mechanism.

Minting Info

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Mint Stats

  • Randomly generated traits
  • Pixelated custom Narwhal art
  • 1111 total available to mint

Mint Cost

0.075 SOL


Phase 1

Initial release of SolWhals NFT

Phase 2

Create the SolWhals DAO. Community can use treasury to make purchases

Phase 3

Initiate burn of paperhanded SolWhals. This will diminsh overall supply, and affect DAO dynamics

SolWhals Club, Horns Only


What are SolWhals NFTs?
SolWhals are pixelated generated narwhals, minting to Solana chain.
How are the the SolWhals generated?
Each SolWhal trait is custom drawn by our artist. These traits are then layered on top of each other in an automated fashion with code. The final generated images are uploaded to Metaplex, the standard way to deploy NFTs on Solana.
How do I purchase a SolWhals NFT?
On release (TBA) click the “Mint Now button at top of this page. We are trying to be as fair as possible, with live minting & instant distribution. However, if the solana blockchain gets clogged it could take a bit of time to receive your NFT.
Is each SolWhals NFT unique?
Yes, each minted SolWhal will be unique from each other either by various traits. Some traits are more rare than others. There are also some fully unique 1:1's in the collection.
Which wallet should I use?
Phantom is the recommended wallet.
How to get in touch with us?
We are available via our Twitter and Discord that are linked to on this website.